What is Chicago Customer Success podcast?


My name is Stephen Poppe and I am the new Editor of the Chicago Customer Success Podcast.  I’ve sold credit cards, managed construction for large building projects and now manage a CS team here in Chicago.  My journey to CS is similar to some, in that it took a variety of different jobs and industries to reveal my passion for people, process and tech which eventually led me to CS. 

My vision for the Chicago Customer Success Podcast is to become the unfiltered, non-branded, non-industry specific voice of Customer Success.  Echoing your experiences, your stories, so we can collectively learn, grow and as a community deliver value for our customers.  

As you can tell from my intro, The Chicago CS Podcast is squarely aimed at being a non-branded source of Customer Success information.  While is there plenty of CS content out there, I believe its fatal flaw is that a majority of it is sponsored if not directly written by the company the article in one way or the other promotes.  Here at the Chicago CS Podcast, we aim to provide an unfiltered view of the industry using your stories. 

With that in mind, In the coming weeks, you’ll find stories from CS leaders who are pushing their teams and industries forward, podcasts with individuals with unique perspectives industry constraints and honest, non-branded feedback on tools that can help your teams grow.  

I’m looking forward to what’s next and I hope you join me for the journey ahead.

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