Podcast Episode – Parul Bhandari from VelocityEHS & Brian Study from Mattersight (Live at CuSP!)

In this episode, we’re sharing a conversation between Parul Bhandari and Brian Study as we talked about a wide array of topics in customer success and how it’s playing out during the Covid-19 crisis. This was part of a conversation from the CuSP event in early May when the crisis still hadn’t reached its peak, but is still relevant to how we handle crisis comms with our clients. Special thank you to Swati Garg, MHRIR and Dendra Abdinoor for allowing me to record this conversation and share it with you all.

Listen with the direct link, here.

Check us out on Stitcher.

Or listen on Apple Podcasts.

Links from Parul & Brian’s conversation:


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