Sales Skills in Customer Success

I’ve talked about sales skills in customer success (CS) before, especially about how sales teams are an integral part of the CS journey, but CS professionals need to sharpen certain sales skills to grow. One such conversation was on the podcast with David Priemer when we talked about goal setting, but also about sales (David is a premiere sales coach).

Part of our mission is to talk about how other teams build into the overall journey for CS, but this month, many of the writers will talk about their specific sales skills they use or develop. We’re talking with at least one CS professional with a sales background, someone that sees the value of developing skill sets that are commonly linked to sale professionals.

While you read this month’s blogs and listen to the episode, think of the ways you’re leveraging sales in your conversations. How are you moving people from conversation A to conversation B? Your sale might not involve money, but rather time. How are you showing value (Ryan Moline’s blog will cover this more in-depth)?

Think of the tactical and strategic layers to conversations that require guidance. You’re selling more than you know if you think you’re selling nothing.

I also want to talk about the idea that many CS professionals leave sales to move into CS roles to get out of sales. You’ll find the idea of selling is still there, baked into the DNA of CS. It’s just how we use these skills.

I would love to hear what you have to say, so please either comment on this article or chat with us on Twitter or Facebook. We’re looking forward to writing and talking about this topic all month long.

Joe Huber is one of the co-founders of the Chicago Customer Success Podcast. He is currently a Customer Community Strategist with Sprout Social.


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